Symfony 1.4.20 table create sql using Type=innoDB instead of enginge=innoDB

After recently using a fresh install of Symfony 1.4.20 I tried to install sfGuard plugin and tried to create the tables via the propel:build-all command.

The sql generated was using the Type=innoDB and breaking the sql command.

This can be changed in the MysqlDDLBuilder.php


on line: 156


$script .= "Type=$mysqlTableType";


$script .= "Engine=$mysqlTableType";


• character fix

I had a problem where my web pages were displaying weird UTF-8 characters with php.

• Industry bodies
• Volunteer organisations
• Federal and state government bodies

I found this solution that worked for me:

IMPORTANT: when converting UTF8 data that contains the EURO sign DON'T USE utf_decode function.
utf_decode converts the data into ISO-8859-1 charset. But ISO-8859-1 charset does not contain the EURO sign, therefor the EURO sign will be converted into a question mark character '?'
In order to convert properly UTF8 data with EURO sign you must use:
iconv("UTF-8", "CP1252", $data)

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