Symfony 1.4.20 table create sql using Type=innoDB instead of enginge=innoDB

After recently using a fresh install of Symfony 1.4.20 I tried to install sfGuard plugin and tried to create the tables via the propel:build-all command.

The sql generated was using the Type=innoDB and breaking the sql command.

This can be changed in the MysqlDDLBuilder.php


on line: 156


$script .= "Type=$mysqlTableType";


$script .= "Engine=$mysqlTableType";


• character fix

I had a problem where my web pages were displaying weird UTF-8 characters with php.

• Industry bodies
• Volunteer organisations
• Federal and state government bodies

I found this solution that worked for me:

IMPORTANT: when converting UTF8 data that contains the EURO sign DON'T USE utf_decode function.
utf_decode converts the data into ISO-8859-1 charset. But ISO-8859-1 charset does not contain the EURO sign, therefor the EURO sign will be converted into a question mark character '?'
In order to convert properly UTF8 data with EURO sign you must use:
iconv("UTF-8", "CP1252", $data)

Mr Sonius’ influences 20130801 podcast

Over 23 years of collecting and playing music there have been some key tracks that have influenced me in the past (and present). For those that know me I am a little partial to the ambient dub genre.. here are some of my faves of that style…

Steve Sonius’s Cloudcasts on Mixcloud







Sunday Session – 1

  • Ninja Tune_AntiPop Consortium_Volcano_Four Tet Remix
  • Various – Track 14
  • Tru Thoughts-Stonephace-Stonephace-Original Mix
  • Roxy Music- The Right Stuff
  • RongDFA-Research-East West Axis-Original Mix
  • Sutekh – Track 3
  • Nitzer Ebb – Track 9
  • Relaxed Muscle – Track 9
  • The Stone Roses – Driving South
  • Grace Jones – Nipple to the Bottle
  • Love Tattoo – Manipulation
  • Inxs – Wishing Well (Intrumental)
  • Instruments Of Rapture_Craig Bratley_Birdshell_6Th Borough Project Shell Toe Remix
  • I Records_Kevin Yost_Creep_Marco Hefner Remix
  • Miguel Migs – Fire (Feat Junior Reid)
  • Chaka Khan- Eye to Eye
  • ESL Music_Ursula 1000_Tropicadelica feat Natalia Clavier_Original Mix


Podcast – Slowmotion 2012-03-08




  1. The National Bank_Home_Diskjokke Remix
  2. Kompakt_Mugwump_Losing Game_Original Mix
  3. 01_Microscope Contents
  4. Relish Records-Headman_Dieter Meier-Gimme-Kangos Autostrada Dei Laghi Mix
  5. Tirk_The Love Supreme_Waiting For The Love feat Benjamin James Smith_Mushrooms Project Remix
  6. Ghostly International_Matthew Dear_Little People Black City_Original Mix
  7. Drumpoet Community-Hunee-Took My Love-Original Mix
  8. Paper Recordings_Crazy Penis_A Little Something_PBR Streetgang edit
  9. Compost_Yannah_Eddy_Not What You Do feat Ras Tweed_Yosa feat Shu Okuyma Remix
  10. Rotters Golf Club_Andrew Weatherall_Brother Johnstons Travelling Disco Consultancy_Original Mix