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Podcast – Night Before Bali


Seq Name Duration
1 Plug Research_Exile_In Love_DJ Day Remix 4:29
2 Trouw_Patrice Baumel_Tactile_Original Mix 3:16
3 Hyperdub_Black Chow_Purple Smoke_Original Mix 3:24
4 mothership_Claude VonStroke_Catz n Dogz_Far Away feat Claude VonStroke_Extended Version 7:04
5 Babylon_Original Mix 1:35
6 Yoshitoshi Recordings_Morel_Making Sense_Original Mix 4:33
7 To Another Universe 4:55
8 4AD_Serena Maneesh_Ayisha Abyss_Lindstrom Mix 9:14
9 Metalheadz_Commix_Spectacle_Two Armadillos Rhythm Of Life Remix 9:01
10 Circus Company_dOP_Worm Hunting_Original Mix 3:26
11 Circus Company_dOP_Love Ride_Original Mix 9:12
12 CR2 Live Direct Unmixed_Nicole Otero_Sunshine Song_Brennan Green Remix 6:05
13 Bedrock Records_Nick Warren_In Search Of Silver_Ambient Mix 5:23
14 NRK_Nufrequency_Shara Nelson_Go That Deep_Paul Woolford Main Mix 10:10
15 Ann Aimee_Delta Funktionen_Erosion_Original Mix 4:39
16 Minus_Plastikman_Slinky_Original Mix 6:20
17 Ovum Recordings_Shlomi Aber_New York Dreamer_Original Mix 7:10
18 Ninja Tune_Paris Suit Yourself_Ill Let You Know_Original Mix 5:30
19 mothership_Catz n Dogz_Only For The Moment_Original Mix 4:12
20 K7 Records_Spherix_Lesser People_Unmixed 5:14
21 Metalheadz_Commix_Be True_Burial Remix 6:03
22 Ninja Tune_Quincy_Xen Cuts Allstars_I Hear The Drummer_Tunng Edit 4:19
23 Feedelity Recordings_Lindstrom_Christabelle_Never Say Never_Original Mix 3:50

Simple oAuth Twitter plugin for Symfony

This plugin was developed to allow you to post to ONE twitter account programmatically.

This plugin uses classes originally developed by Abraham Williams, TwitterOAuth handles the authentication of OAuth requests to interface with Twitter and can be used with all versions of Symfony.

* sf 1.0
* sf 1.1
* sf 1.2
* sf 1.3
* sf 1.4

Installation Method

download the plugin…

1. Copy the twitterOAuthPlugin dir to your plugins directory of your Symfony project

2. Activate the module ‘twitterOAuthPluginSetup’ in one of your symfony apps.

look at ‘Activating a plug-in Module’ in the book

3. clear cache

4. goto

5. you should get instructions similar to the steps below..



1. Log into the Twitter account you want this symfony project to post to.

2. Go to and ‘Register a new application’.

3. Give your application a unique name and description

4. for Application Website: enter, eg:

5. Callback URL may be left blank. There’s no login process, so there’s no need to provide a URL to redirect users to.

6. Default Access type refers to the access your application will have to Twitter. Read & Write allows complete access. This is almost certainly what you want for your this project.

7. Replace the ‘xxx’ in the the plugin app.yml, twitterOAuthPlugin/config/app.yml, with your Consumer Key & the Consumer Secret.

twitter_consumer_key: xxx

twitter_consumer_secret: xxx

8. Go to ‘My Acesss token’

9. Replace the ‘xxx’ in the the plugin app.yml, twitterOAuthPlugin/config/app.yml, with your Access Token & the Access Token Secret.

twitter_access_token: xxx

twitter_ access_token_secret: xxx

10. Save the app.yml and clear cache.

11. To post a message to your Twitter account use the following static method in twitterOAuthPlugin.class.php

public static function sendTweet($message = null) { …..

eg: twitterOAuthPlugin::sendTweet(‘Test Message’);